Vintage Toys

If you was born in the 80s/90s then you witnessed some of the most awesome children’s toys. Vintage Toys were the best, from Pound Puppies, to Polly Pocket these will make you feel nostalgic and take you back to the years of your childhood, the times of swapping Pogs or stickers in the playground, watching Gladiators or pretending you were a Power┬áRanger. If you used to go through boxes of Kellogs to get a shiny new reflector for your bike, or did your parents make you wait till it falls into your bowl rather than search through the box? Then you will like this post.

Vintage Toys

If you regularly follow me, you will know I love collecting Vintage Toys and recently made my own range of Illustrations in my Etsy Shop which has been very popular. When we move house I am planning on some pretty shelves by my work space to show these retro toys off. My daughter has even caught the bug as she is a collector, with currently over 130 Pop Vinyls, she has started collecting Keypers, Sweetie Pups, Pound Puppies and Polly Pocket.

Vintage Toys Keypers

I find these toys make you remember childhood days, which for me was some of the happiest times of my life. Not only that they are so cute and colourful.

You can still get some of these toys now, like Sylvanian Families. Polly Pocket is still available, but I prefer the compact vintage versions rather than the new style myself. Now you can get Suprise Puppies which are similar to Pound Puppies but a tad creepy looking, but still leaves you with a sense of achievement assisting in the birth to see how many puppies you have been fortunate to adopt. You can also get cat and unicorn versions of Suprise Puppy. One good find was light up GlomWorms, I got one for my son last Christmas in Toys R Us. Also My Little Pony is still around, but again I am not keen on the new versions.

Vintage Toys Sylvanian Families

Other toys you may remember are Pogs, Cabbage Patch Kids, Micro Machines, Lite Brite, Pogo Balls, Smooshies…..

Some retro toys I was lucky enough to have was Keypers, I had the horse, rabbit and swan. I always wanted and still do the snail. I have the baby snail in my collection but NEED the adult one. Also another favourite was Popples and of course My Little Pony (Are you singing the theme tune). One memory I have was everyone going through the craze of Ankle Hoppers, I had a glittery ball on mine. Some of my friends even had one with a counter on.

We also had some awesome TV shows to watch, which I am in the process of sorting stickers of these. Some of the programmes you may remember was Byker Grove, Care Bears, My Little Pony, Rugrats (currently on Netflix), Raggy Dolls, Pob and one of my faves……The Racoons.

Have you any Vintage Toys favourites? Or do you have your own collection?


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  1. July 20, 2016 / 1:31 pm

    I stupidly sold my Polly Pockets, Trolls and ‘in my pockets’ a few years ago but I still have all of my original My Little Ponies, two Keepers (known to me and my friends as lovebirds) and some Care Bears Friends (the raccoon and the penguin).

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