Cry Baby

I am one of the most emotional people you will meet! I cry at everything, if am sad, happy, tired, hormonal…the list goes on. When Abbie’s guinea pig died in Eastenders, I was gone. Let alone Marley and Me! I am not a sad soul like Sadness on Inside Out, but I show every emotion from Happy Tears to Sad Tears. I am a mixture of all the Inside Out characters, intact this film really shows the emotions of humans well and I can relate to the characters.

Sometimes crying is good for you, letting it all out. I tend to let things build up till I burst and then will have a good cry. I remember seeing on X Factor Cheryl crying once, oh my days was like a doll crying! I am not a pretty cryer, my face goes blotchy, nose runs and hyperventilate.

Then there is the good side of crying…happy tears! I get emotional giving presents, I love seeing people open their gifts. Plus if people do nice things for me, I cry. And don’t get me started on the kiddies, they constantly cause happy tears to leak from my eyes.

Things that make me cry:

unicornfairy  Toy Story 3 -When Andy gives away his toys. Me and Josie-Ann proper sob at this every time

unicornfairy  Weddings -I am a cryer at weddings which is not good as i said before I am not a pretty cryer, so imagine what I was like at my own

unicornfairy  Sad Anniversaries -Especially my grandparents birthdays etc, I have a little wobble. My birthday is hard as i shared this with my Bampi (Grampy) and miss calling him to discuss birthday countdown

unicornfairy Happy Tears -I always have happy tears, more than sad tears

unicornfairy Nativity -I was the same when my brother was little (we have a 12 year age gap) I would get emotional watching him. Now I can get emotional as a proud mummy, from Sports Day to Josie’s one line as Villager number 2 in her nativity, I am gone before the play is started.

unicornfairy School -I was known at school for my emotional needs. Sports Days I would cry as happy my parents have come to watch me, so much so i wouldn’t do hardly any of the events as was in a state. Let alone nativities I would get myself in such a pickle at this one, that I would be throwing up with nerves from suffering with my stutter and excitement that my parents coming to see me at school. I was special you may be thinking as I go on

unicornfairy Children -Obviously the most amazing time in my life was my daughter and son being born and happy tears mixed with hours of labour pain tears. You forget every pain, the lead up to labour pains when you hear the little cry and see their little squished faces. I am such a proud mummy and am truly blessed with my kiddiwinks

unicornfairy Cars -For some silly reason when I was little. My parents would name cars which would cause me to get so upset when they would deb changed for a new one. Was like a family member being shipped off

unicornfairy Bullies -I have had my fair share of bullying, and even at the ripe old age of 33. But only recently rather than get myself in a panic and ill worrying, I have finally learnt to rise above this and look from a different angle. Time is too short for worrying about pathetic people who have nothing better to do than be nasty. This is helped from being surrounded by nice people which restores your faith in humanity

unicornfairy Worrying -I am a self confessed worrier! I worry about the tiniest of things but these all build up till my poor husband Antony gets me reading them all off for over an hour just before we go to sleep. I remember worrying when I was little that our dog Ginny was walking with her bone and I was worrying she would drop it or another dog will get it and she will be sad

unicornfairy Laughing -My husband Antony is also my best friend. He proper makes me belly laugh till I am crying. We are quite similar and sometimes like on another planet but have such fun and laughs which is important for a relationship. Josie-Ann also makes me cry with laughter sometimes. She is so dramatic, even more than myself and has such a lovely character and with her facial expressions or saying wrong words like MyChina when doing sex education. I am constantly in tears from her. Same when we get together with our friends, we have such a laugh playing Heads Up or looking at Urban Dictionary or Tortoises. We always seem to have a random competition like who can eat the most french fancies at once (I won) or planking. I love these random evenings when we get together, me and Gemma are normally in tears when this happens from laughing

unicornfairy Lovely People -People being nice to me gets me so upset with happy tears. The fact someone has thought about you is such a nice feeling. My mum does so much for us which we appreciate, the most recent is letting us stay with her while we wait for the new house. My best friend from school days Gemma is always thoughtful, when I had bad news that had pre-cancerous cells after a smear she knows I would be worrying and came straight from an hour and a half away the next day to see me, and sends me little gifts when am having a moment and is always there for me to rant too. My blogging buddy Estelle is such a lovely warm hearted person, again I can text her when have problems, she always is asking how the kids are and remembers anything I have going on. I am on a mission of awesomeness currently for Estelle as she is having a big operation today so I am going to keep her busy during recovery and to show thinking of her. Another recent lovely person is my Meat Loaf buddy Michael, we got Facebook friends on a Meat Loaf group and I was unable to make the recent signing (I love Meat Loaf so was gutted), anyway Michael took it upon himself to get me my own signed CD Insert from Meat Loaf himself while there. I was genuinely gobsmacked how nice some people are, even if you have never met them

meatloaf cd

I thought of this post as it is coming for time to leave my little flat which has made me a little emotional. Not just from the stress of moving the last 6 months has been but I have had so many memories here, which makes you reflect and have a think of everything that has gone on for the last 8 years. It only seems like yesterday I moved in by myself to set up a little home and now am invaded by toys and nappies,  it has flown by. But I am so happy at the new memories we will be making as a family in our new home when we move in, which I can’t wait for!

When did you last have a good cry?



  1. September 26, 2016 / 4:22 pm

    Oh this post had me tearing up because it’s so true! I always get teary eyed at weddings, and whenever I’m looking back at old photos or reminiscing about days gone by, or emotional moments. Songs and films are the same for me, and you’re right, that scene in Toy Story 3 when Andy hands over his toys and then Woody just stares off at after him at the end before saying, “So long, Partner”. GETS ME EVERY TIME! I definitely related to this post Stacey, and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being a ‘cry baby’ 😀 – Tasha

    • admin
      September 26, 2016 / 8:18 pm

      Aww bless you! Glad someone else is like myself. Too right about Toy Story, has me in bits each time lol. Thanks for commenting lovely xxx

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