Up, Up and Away

Whilst away having another lovely weekend away at Bunn Leisure, Selsey (This is my 15th visit), other than our usual shopping trip to the lovely town of Chichester we decided to visit Earnley Butterfly and Gardens, we had been previously last winter but decided to call in for a visit on the way home last weekend.

You can see Birds, Butterflies, Donkeys, Guinea Pigs, lizards and many more. Also you can participate in the Animal Hunt round the Themed Gardens, you look out for various animals hiding in the gardens and write down the Garden they are located in, if you find them all you win a free balloon.

After searching and seeing the animals, Little Unicorn was over the moon to have completed the task and came out with her green, helium filled balloon. Seeing what could happen if the wind took force, I quickly tied the balloon to one of my crutches and we set off home, balloon in tact.
Over 2 hours later we were finally home, by now my tired Little Unicorn was a tad temperamental. After the argument of Mummy is carrying the IPad so you don’t drop it, she went sulking off with the crutch and balloon. Standing there still arguing about the IPad, she didn’t realise she had undone the ribbon……Off the balloon went into the distance, followed by the bottom lip going to full blown hysterics.

By the time we were in, Little Unicorn still inconsolable. I was trying to change topic to difuse the horrific flashbacks. Then like a burst of shooting rainbows and glitter, I came out with the phrase to save the day…. At Bunn Leisure there is a windmill which the rabbits and fox live at to catch dreams, so I said…

“Oh my days! The windmill will have the balloon! The balloon will fly there and catch on the windmill then Bella and Buster Rabbit will look after it, I saw one there earlier. Someone else must have lost their balloon too”

With this came a few sobs, but also a smile brightening through! Little Unicorn said she was happy to share with Bella and Buster as they will look after it. But she also was missing her balloon and that made her a little bit sad.

As I was on course for Super Unicorn Mummy, I didn’t stop there….I typed a letter from the Bunn Leisure Mascots, complete with hand written signatures. Photo edited a green balloon to show visually the balloon is well and plumped, the letter stated my genius conversation from the night before about how the balloon made the journey and they even sent a new helium balloon (collected by Daddy unicorn)

balloon 2

Overall this was officially a #MummyWin moment! And one happy Little Unicorn with a new balloon and letter to keep in her room. We are back to Bunn in November, I am saving the plastic weight to take with me incase 🙂

balloon 1



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