Randomise Game Review

‘Draw, Act or Describe Your Way To Victory’

If you like Charades and Pictionary, then you will love this new game Randomise

Randomise Game

As soon as I seen the pictures for Randomise Game, I was instantly drew to the packaging. With the bright coloured doodles and illustrations. As a keen doodler I absolutely love this style.

We very often play games with our daughter, or when our friends are round and this is the sort of game we would often choose. This game is ideal as only slightly bigger than a pack of cards so it is quite small to store which is ideal. No big bulky box to try and store.

At first the instructions look confusing but once you start playing, you get the hang of the format very easy. We had to amend the way we played as my daughter is only 6, the game says for 8+ but she was fine doing most of these when we played.


You have 3 piles of cards:

A -Describes you (e.g. Happy, Vain, Plump)

B -Describes what you are (e.g. Hamster, Octopus, Santa)

C -Describes what you are doing (e.g. Juggling, Baking a Cake, Crawling)

The opposing team chooses random numbers, for example; Card A-1, Card B-3 and Card C -2. Then you have the choice of drawing, acting or describing your words in the allocated time.

Some examples we came across when playing:

cropped-IMG_6219-1.jpg   Quick – Grandma – Doing A Cartwheel

cropped-IMG_6219-1.jpg   Smelly – Belly Dancer – Playing The Harp

cropped-IMG_6219-1.jpg   Brave – Wizard – Blowing Bubbles

We had such a laugh playing Randomise, and the fact unlike other similar games you have the choice how you want to get the message across and you can be as creative as you like. Also being a fast paced game means we didn’t get bored.

Randomise game isn’t just for children, adults can play too. When our friends are next round for dinner we will be getting Randomise out after the kiddies go to bed.

You can purchase the game from Amazon for £9.99 which is worth the money as we have played this quite a few times now and have enjoyed the game each time. And with over a million different combinations means you never get bored of Randomise.

Unicorn Fairy

This game was sent to me for my honest opinions and review.



  1. Florence
    March 20, 2016 / 6:35 pm

    We did have a laugh playing it

    • admin
      March 20, 2016 / 6:48 pm

      Will have to play again xxx

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