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As I am due to give birth to Baby Spruels in October, I have been wanting needing a Pink Lining Changing Bag ever since I first clapped eyes on one, they do a large range suitable for all tastes. I loved the Hydrangea design, as this reminded me of the same flowers in my late Nan’s garden, I have a fabulous husband who brought me this design last month.

Pink lining 1

Pink Lining 2

Whilst starting out on my new found blogging hobby, I came across that Pink Lining are looking for Brand Ambassadors for Pink Lining to blog, so here is my submission……

As I haven’t given birth yet (but do have a nearly 6 year old) these are some of my ideas and what I am planning for my Changing Bag Essentials:


Pink Lining Changing Bag

Since my Pink Lining ‘Not so Plain Jane’ Changing Bag arrived, I was dying to get filling this up. The bag design is so beautiful and I was originally toying between this bag i purchased, or the tote bag version. Whilst looking you can also get twin versions, which have more room and extra compartments.  I went for this style as more side pockets. But you can carry on using these bags after not needing a changing bag, that is what I am intending to do myself.

Pink lining 3


The bag itself is very spacious, with insulated bottle holders, mirror, keyring, pockets inside and out, zipped secure pockets. Also included is a changing mat and zip bag (which I have an idea for below). The outer bag also has a wipeable material as originally I was worried this would get ruined, but Pink Lining have thought of everything.

Pink lining 4

My Changing Bag Essentials

I have done a list and some ideas, not just for newborn but also for when weaning. I am not thinking somebody would use every single one of these items, but I wanted to give a varied list of ideas, a Changing Bag Brainstorm.

Below is some of my items I am planning to use in my Pink Lining Bag:

Pink Lining 6


  • Nappies
  • Nappy Bags –Also ideal for odd ends of snacks, like apple middles
  • Spare Clothes for Baby –Incase of accidents, remember socks 
  • Spare Clothes for Mummy –Incase of getting covered in sick 
  • Muslin Squares
  • Wipes –I personally have always like Huggies Pure
  • Spare Dummy –Also remember a dummy clip
  • Medicine –Calpol Sachets are great, remember Paracetamol for Mummy too
  • Nappy Cream/Baby Moisturiser
  • Suncream –I am using SPF50 to be safe
  • Plasters –Wether little one hurts themselves, or mummy has a blister
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Tissues

Inside the Pink Lining Changing Bag you also receive a Zip Bag, I am planning on using this to make sure all my lotions and potions don’t spill out.

Pink Lining 5

More Changing Bag Ideas

  • Purse/Keys –Pink Lining also do purses (Hint for Mr Spruels -Xmas)
  • Toys –To keep little people occupied, I love ELC Linkies (these are ready for xmas) 
  • Comforter –I recently brought a Cuski so baby can feel safe and comforted
  • £1 Coin –Ideal for when your food shopping, I have a Count The Kicks Trolley Token
  • Pennies –Keep a small purse for loose change for car parking
  • Notepad/Pen –I use for blog notes, but also for shopping list/reminders
  • Lip Balm –I always use lip balm especially in winter and handy to keep a spare
  • Phone Lead/Charger –Ideal to stock up on photos when passing printing shops
  • Spare Hats/Gloves –Style depends on the weather, remember Scratch Mitts 
  • Camera –Ideal for catching memories 

Feeding and Changing Bags

  • Milk Dispenser
  • Bottles –Pink Lining have insulated bottle warmers also on their range
  • Breast Pads –If Breast Feeding to stop leaking
  • Teething Powder –Ashtons & Parsons was amazing when I had my daughter 
  • Snack Pots
  • Weaning Spoons –Found Boon Squirt, looks a brilliant idea for self feeding spoon
  • Drinks –As well as water or juice for little one, remember a drink for Mummy
  • Cuppycup –A foldable drinks carton holder, no more stressing over squeezing
  • Bibs –Nanny has made some fabulous Dribble Bibs 

This is my submission to become a Pink Lining Ambassador. All views are my own.


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