May Catch Up

These months are flying by! Soon the summer will be in full swing. Here is my May Catch Up….


I hope you had a great May. I have been so busy especially catching up with work, with a half term and bank holidays. You may have seen my DIY Project, if not click here. I literally was sitting on my bed, texting my excellent bestie chum Estelle and had a lightbulb moment. I thought to myself I wonder if turn the empty built in wardrobe into a little workspace. By the next day, the first coat of paint was on the walls. I have done more since my post of personalising my little space, and will feature a desk tour soon. My workspace is so much better than I thought, and having all my creative tools around me has been a dream.

I also started a Bullet Journal. I have always wanted to do one but timing is an issue, plus my need to go in a dark room when I do a smudge. But I have managed to start a few pages. I settled for a dotted book, and the numbered pages have been a godsend for my inner OCD of being organised.

I have been Blogging on tour! I have started making sure I have ‘Me Time’, I didn’t realise how anxious I had become, so I am really pushing myself in this, even if just having a blogging sesh in Costa by myself. I instantly feel so refreshed getting away on my own, with no distractions other than the obligatory people watching. Even now, I am in Costa with a Vanilla Skinny Latte. I even last week squeezed a day off, just for me. Was so lovely and I must make sure do this more often.

I finally caught up with ‘Once Upon A Time’ on Netflix and completed all 6 seasons. The musical episode was absolutely amazing. Also we have watched 13 Reasons Why, which has really made me evaluate past events. Such a great programme and can’t wait for Season 2. I need recommendations of what to watch next, so feel free to ping me suggestions. I was thinking maybe Stranger Things?

I really wanted to get into Vlogging, but being a working mummy and everything else I have going on is preventing this. So instead I have been doing little videos on Instagram Stories. I don’t do these everyday, but mainly days off, it really has boosted my confidence and is great fun. I love seeing other bloggers stories too. Some of my faves are:

  • QueenBeeBecca -Loving Becca’s daily insights to her cute family and amazing beach videos.
  • BrummyMummyOf2 -Such funny and honest videos. I am a fan of Emma’s vlogs and make sure you watch them too.

Things I Am Loving:

  • I have started getting into Podcasts, again throw recommendations my way. I love listening to Rhett and Link. If you haven’t seen their videos, make sure you do! Ironing steak was genius!
  • Instagram Challenges -I recently done part of #YayEverydayMay creative challenge. Doing this daily is very hard, but I am pleased by the amount I achieved. I am thinking of doing a hand lettering one next. I really recommend joining in with these.
  • I have just found Joanie Clothing, I love the styles and have my eye one some pieces on sale.

For June, we are planning some more DIY with the kids rooms. As well as some point the lounge. I want to build some sort of desk under the stairs. Not as awesome as my flamingo desk upstairs, but more of a family type. Especially with Josie and homework, which has been testing of recent. She certainly needs pushing to do homework. I also want to do some bits to brighten the garden up, I have seen so many ideas on Pinterest.

Hopefully next month I may get to see the beautiful Estelle at Estellosaurus. We have been blogging friends for a while now, so much so she really is a best friend to me. She always listens, doesn’t judge or give opinions that are not needed, always makes me laugh. Hopefully Estelle and Neil will be coming down this way next month, and I am planning after summer to head down for the day on the train. We have never met, but I know we will get on as she is honestly so awesome.

Also in June, I am planning an image overall. I have had the same colour hair for ages. My lovely mum kindly got me a voucher at Toni and Guy for colour and a cut, so a change is due. I am hoping this will kickstart my diet back on track. I am planning on going out of my comfort zone with a different colour. Again I don’t know why I worry so much what other people think, as long as I like it that’s all that matters. why do we worry so much of how we look. As long as your happy then bugger anyone else.



    • Stacey Spruels
      June 5, 2017 / 9:25 am

      I don’t know how I haven’t heard of them. Whats the sizing like? xxx

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