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Thankyou to my BBB (Bestest Blogging Buddy) the awesome Estelle at Estellosaurus  for tagging me in the Infinity Dreams Awards.

Here are the rules:

  • Thank the person who tagged you for this award
  • give us 11 facts about you.
  • answer 11 questions the blogger who tagged you asked.
  • make 11 questions for the bloggers you going to tag.
  • And tag other bloggers.

11 Facts about me:

  1.  I used to be obsessed with WWF Wrestling, in the days of Macho Man and Hulk Hogan. I went to Summerslam ’94
  2.  I got down to the final 2 contestants to appear on Come Dine With Me. Luckily I didn’t make the show as I had to go to hospital with a virus and my daughter had chickenpox.
  3.  I am a qualified hairdresser and barber, I had to give this up though as become allergic to most products and my scissors.
  4. I met Wellard the dog from Eastenders, she came round my house when I was younger and I fed her a biscuit.
  5. My brother (when little) asked Prince Harry if he wanted to snog me when we bumped into him.
  6. My youngest child is named after Mr Bean from when we seen the titles roll, then we liked the name Rowan.
  7. If I sit on the floor, I can’t put my legs down flat.
  8. I am a Barcode master.
  9. I only found out a couple of years ago where flour comes from after watching Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom.
  10. Me and my little brother have a 12 year age gap.
  11. I once had 7 guinea pigs (all in individual cages) when I was living on my own. My friend had airbrushed me a picture of them which Mum got me, and they died in the same layout order as the picture. Was like Final Destination.


The questions I was asked:

Adult Colouring – are you into the trend? I have only done a bit of this, as prefer to Illustrate, but I do find doing these and colouring them therapeutic.
Best joke? Whats brown and green and rolls down a hill? A falling hedgehog with a chest infection.
Best chat-up line? I honestly have never used one lol, or had one used on me lol.
Last text message you received (even if its a bit saucy!) My best friend Gemma, saying about my stickers I am making.
You can only eat one meal for the rest of your life – what are you going to eat? Seafood Risotto
One programme from your childhood you’d bring back? Rugrats -Love Anjelica!
Last book you read? Eeny Meeny -Was OK, I very rarely read so was good for me to finish the book.
Plug a recent blog post you loved writing Favourite Instagram Accounts  I love Instagram, so this was a favourite of mine
What did you have for tea last night? Kiev,  Peas and Saute Roast Potatoes with bacon, leek and parmasan.
Brothers and sisters – got them? Tell me about them! I have a little brother who is infact way taller than me. We have a 12 year age gap.
Game of Thrones –  yay or nay? Never seen, am currently working my way through Once Upon A Time.

I would like to invite this awesome bunch to have a go if you like:

Favourite Instagram Accounts 

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Francesca Stone

Favourite Instagram Accounts 

Here is my questions for you:

Starbucks or Costa?

What have you done today?

What is your dream job?

Favourite cartoon?

What song is next to play on your phone or CD?

When was the last time you proper belly laughed?

Dinosaurs or Unicorns?

Blog Goals! Anything you would like to change or add to blog?

Plans for the bank holiday weekend?

If you could dress up what would you choose?

Mash up 2 TV or Film characters you would like to see together

Unicorn Fairy

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  1. May 27, 2016 / 8:48 pm

    I’m sorry about your Guinea pigs , but maybe never get your friend to draw anything for you again
    I loved the Rugrats too! They should bring that back! My bro got me a Raptar toy last year!

    Loved your answers!! Thank you for doing it! Xx

    • admin
      May 27, 2016 / 8:53 pm

      Lol, she offered to change it but that would be choosing who went next. No way! I got an Anjelica figure the other month. Was a fab programme, looks really old now when looking on YouTube. Thankyou for asking me xxx

  2. May 30, 2016 / 1:05 pm

    I used to love WWE too – my brother and I would watch it all the time and when we got the chance to we ordered to watch Wrestlemania and got to stay up late to see it, it was ace! Loved this post, it’s always fun to find out mroe about eachother. – Tasha

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