Handmade Birthday Cake Gone Wrong

I have a beautiful daughter Josie-Ann who was born in 2009. Due to having time with just me and Josie-Ann, we have got a very special bond.

To be honest I enjoyed being a single parent, apart from one time I got a nasty cold (anyone who knows me my colds are worst than man flu), this was the same time as Josie-Ann’s 3rd Birthday Party. Which as the first party as a single parent I felt the need to make all the party food from scratch including the cake.


The theme was Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom so we had ladybird biscuits, magic jelly set in orange halves, cheese and pineapple wands to name a few, so you can see what I was trying to achieve to be single parent of the year whilst suffering with flu.


I made the cake, this being my 2nd ever cake and more elaborate than the silhouette of Minnie Mouse the previous year. This year was to be Holly’s castle on a hill, with the figures made, flowers, writing… Turns out while the cake was sitting in all it’s glory at the party, waiting for the candles to be blown out and a wish made, that my brother and a few other parents pointed out (totally oblivious to myself beforehand whilst admiring my handy work) that the top of the castle looked like male genitals! 😱



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