Hallway Hack

Hall 2


We live in a smallish 3 bedroom flat, and storage is our main problem.

Spending Sunday with the husband, reluctantly walking round Ikea and having meatballs with gravy for our Sunday dinner. Whilst looking at a the secret opening doors and trying out the sofas in the displays, I came across a Lack TV Bench for £9.00.

Originally I brought this for the guinea pig cage to go on in my daughters room, but now Potato the piggie has gone outside to enjoy the warm weather, we had this unit spare. So I came up with the idea of putting this in our hall. This way there is no tripping over shoes, also the top of the bench is ideal for lunch boxes, things to remember for the next day, school bookbags or sitting on to put on your shoes. We also purchased some bright coloured coat hooks for the kiddies coats at £1.00 each.

So for £13.00 we have made a great storage hack for our hallway using a small space, plus we didn’t have the usual Ikea domestic of trying to find locations in the warehouse, so good times!



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