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You may have seen my previous Gro Company Wishlist back in August, I composed this while in my 3rd trimester. In the meantime The Gro Company kindly sent me a Gro-hush Baby Calmer  to review once I have had my baby. On October 2nd I gave birth to a beautiful little boy called Rowan so I have finally got to try the Gro-hush in action.

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On first thoughts, the device looks very appealing in the box supplied. The Gro-hush comes in a handy travel box to keep the product safe and clean. The product is very easy to use, you keep your finger on one of the buttons to turn the device on. There is 3 white noise sounds available: Heart, Ocean and Rain on a  tin roof. All sounds are set at safe volume levels, which cannot be changed.

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Straight away after trying the Gro-hush, the soothing sounds calmed Rowan instantly down. His favourite sound is Ocean and Rain. One point, I laid the Gro-hush next to him in his moses basket and this got him off to sleep peacefully. Other times I hold the product gently against his  ear as I cuddle him and this also calms him down.  The speed in how fast this calms him down is very impressive.

I would recommend this product, as I was impressed how well this has worked with soothing Rowan. We live in a 3 bedroom flat, and also have a 6 year old so at night we try to calm Rowan as quick as possible before he wakes the household up, the Gro-hush has been fantastic for this purpose.

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I love all of The Gro Company product range, but this is by far my favourite baby gadget. I was also impressed the product comes with a removable cotton cover, so you can also wash this to keep clean. The product when placed in the safety case is also a good compact size to carry in your changing bag. The Gro-hush is an essential for any new mother.

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All views are entirely my own, the product was sent to me by Gro Company for reviewing


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