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Over 95% of parents in the UK use baby sleeping bags, so a majority of parents have heard of the popular The Gro Company, especially if you have seen their range of innovative Gro-Bags. I already have a 6 year old daughter and had not heard of these baby sleeping bags until now, being pregnant again I have spotted this great range from The Gro Company when looking for baby products.

The Gro Company also do a great range of other fantastic products, always keeping safety and baby in mind. I will be reviewing some of these products once baby arrives beginning of October, but for now I have compiled a Gro Company Wishlist to show some of the varied range of products.

1. Mikey The Monkey Gro-egg Shell

I already have a Gro-egg ready in the baby’s room. These are a great visual product for quickly checking the temperature by the colour showing, plus produces a lovely subtle nightlight at the same time. Looking at the Gro Company website, I spotted you can get accessory shells for your Gro-eggs, as the baby’s bedroom has a monkey theme, I am going to get a Mikey the Monkey shell to carry on the theme. But you can also get Orla the Owl and Percy the Penguin. These simply sit on your Gro-egg.

2. Gro-Hush

I love my gadgets, and once I seen this great product I had to add to my wishlist straightaway. The Gro-hush is a unique portable white noise baby calmer. This revolutionary product looks amazing on the demo videos, and instantly calms the baby. This will be an essential for us especially as we live in a 3 bedroom flat, and have a 6 year old so the Gro-hush will help sooth and calm the baby, hopefully resulting in my daughter not getting disturbed in her sleep in the night. The Gro-hush has a choice of three soothing white noise sounds to choose from, heart-beat, ocean waves or rain falling on a tin roof, which are all set at a safe volume.  I will be reviewing this at a later date. PRODUCT REVIEW

3. Rascal Racoon Comforter

The Gro Company have produced a gorgeous new range of baby comforters. After looking on the website my daughter chose Rascal Racoon Comforter, but we both also liked Mikey The Monkey.  As stated in the Gro-shell above, you see the characters appear again which is nice to be continuous. With the comforters there is also some new characters, such as Lottie Lamb and Boo Bear. Made from super soft polyester velour your baby will love snuggling up to these.

4. Gro-Clock

This product on my wish list is for my 6 year old mainly. The Gro-clock helps children see when to get up and help read the digital time displayed. If the blue stars are still showing then the child knows it is not time to get up, until the yellow sun is showing. We often are awoken early as the bright mornings confuses her to thinking it is wake up time. We have the same problem going to bed with lighter nights. So this product would be ideal to help her visually. The Gro-clock also comes with a bedtime story book.

5. Ziggy Pop Grobag

I cannot complete my wishlist without featuring the ever popular award winning Gro-bags. We chose the Ziggy Pop Design, but there is a huge range of boys, girls and unisex Gro-bags available. The Gro Company have worked closely with The Lullaby Trust in perfecting these to meet all safety standards.  Each Gro-bag comes with a free nursery thermometer. The Gro-bags are a must have for any parent.

6. Rainbow Spot Gro-Snug

The Gro-snug is a revolutionary new product from The Gro Company for newborns. With Baby  due in a matter of weeks this is another product which is ideal. We loved the rainbow design.  I remember when my daughter was a newborn she loved being swaddled in a blanket. This product means you can swaddle your newborn with arms in or out. The Gro-snug is great as no folding is required, and it also comes with a zip down the bottom of the Gro-snug for nappy changes if needed. These are great before you have the use of the Gro-bags. Again like the Gro-bags you also receive a free nursery thermometer.


The quality of the products from The Gro Company is very impressive, and the prices are not too high. With The Gro Company you know all safety standards are met. You can see more on their website The Gro Company -All products are widely available with various stockists, all of which are listed on their site.

Have you any Gro Company products that you recommend?


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