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When I got married last year I wasn’t keen on the thought of the usual Guest Book you get handed round to sign, as you never often get them out to read. I wanted something different and that I could admire most days.

After a google, I come across a range of Finger Print Trees, guests leave their finger print which then the overall effect looks like a lovely blossoming tree.  You can have such a varied range, such as Framed Prints or Canvas Pictures, colours to co-ordinate with the wedding or bright rainbow colours. As the bulk of my wedding was handmade, I decided on drawing my own on a canvas.

FP Tree 1

I studied various designs, and ended up using a few ideas and adding my own. One idea I loved, was in the centre of the tree to be for me, my husband and daughter as a family unit. In the centre I entwined the twigs to make a heart shape. I also drew carved on love initials.

I started faintly sketching a tree, then added finer details and colouring in with pencils. I tried adding shadows to give the illusion of depth. I purchased the canvas from Hobbycraft, and rainbow finger stamps. One trick is, colour harder to make a darker line on the edge, then fade into a softer colouring in technique. This helps with the shadow illusion.

For on the day, I made a little box matching the wedding colours, placed in the box was the stamps, wipes, and a pen. I also made a note stating ‘Please Leaf Your Print’, which our best man also read out during the speeches so all guests were aware. The finished effect was beautiful, and everyone enjoyed taking part. The tree looks lovely in our living room and we can see it every day and remember our wedding.

FP Tree 2

Since I also made one for a friends daughters christening, with this one I done a similar tree. I found a different canvas with a photo space embedded in Hobbycraft. Especially for a christening it looked lovely.

FP 1There is designs available online if you feel you can’t draw, or prefer a more printed version. You can also have names or dates printed this way. Not On The High Street have a large range, with some also currently on sale.

One Thumb Print picture I came across and like the idea is a Family Tree Thumb Print 



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