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One of my morning most of the hours that I am awake rituals, is going on Instagram. I love scrolling through people I follow pictures. Wether this be blog pics, illustrations, craft items or pugs in mugs, I love looking at them all or going through the ‘Explore’ with posts recommended for me, then finding more fantastic images of delight to look at.


With a 5 month old baby, when I get a spare few minutes to attempt having a hot cuppa while he is napping, Instagram is ideal for me to scroll through, pressing the little heart icon on pictures I like (which is most). Don’t  get me wrong, I like a good tweeting session too, but I don’t always have time to read through tweet newsfeed, as normally this leads me to some awesome blog posts which takes me longer. I prefer to have a blog reading session when the kiddies are in bed and I can concentrate properly. So for me visual feeds such as Instagram is ideal.


During my time on Instagram I have across so many great accounts, below is some of my favourites. Make sure you check these out (clickable links):

Hello Bee Studio  Toni has the cutest pug ever, and makes fab items! I literally love everything the same of Toni, and her vintage toy collection is out of this world!

Fine And Dandy  I love Claire’s blog anyway so when I found she was also on Instagram, I had to follow. Again very cute photos, I especially love the angles Claire takes the pictures at. Make sure to check out Claire’s panda biscuits she made.

Kate Gabrielle  I want to live in Kate’s world! I love all of her pictures and my mission is to have a workplace the same. Her room is so pretty! Kate makes gorgeous items too, I totally admire her style.

That Gent Mark  I always check out Mark’s blog and love his style of illustrations. Mark’s latest artwork is awesome as the tattoo he is drawing on the girls back is absolutely stunning! Can’t wait to see the finished article. Also make sure you follow Mark on twitter too, he is the GIF king!

Estellosaurus  I love Estelle! She was my first proper blogging buddy. We met over our love of Unicorns! I love Estelle’s Instagram feed as there is such variety,  from Estelle’s ‘Outfits of The Day’ which I love Estelle’s whole wardrobe, to her many nail art pictures, I love seeing new ideas for nail art or different colours she has used. Estelle also has a knack for finding amazing items!

If you think I would like your Instagram feed then please send me links. Click here to find me on Instagram


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