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Currently I am 31 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child, and again am suffering with bad back pain and SPD. During my last pregnancy 6 years ago, I developed SPD -Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction during my third trimester and ended up using crutches. SPD is a condition that causes severe pain around your pelvic area which can result in difficultly being mobile, which also causes back pain in one or both sides of your back.

With this pregnancy, I started getting symptoms of the SPD returning from 12 weeks. After seeing a consultant, he stated it can happen each pregnancy and earlier each time, which can cause it to be more severe. At the moment I go through good and bad days of being able to walk. Even doing school run would result in excrutiating pain in the evenings, and occasionally I have had to use crutches and even a wheelchair whilst on holiday on a day out. Having SPD is very hard whilst pregnant, as your already going through hormone and body changes, then constantly being in pain makes it very hard.  Especially having a nearly 6 year old on summer holidays, has made it very difficult as we haven’t been able to do the normal trips we would do.

I have tried paracetamol and physio therapy. These have helped slightly, the physio helped me understand more the area of the pain and ways to help. I have also tried a support belt, but working at a desk these are hard to wear when sitting down, and personally I couldn’t stand the tightness on my stomach as suffered with morning sickness. Even with taking it as easy as I can, being a working mummy, each evening I am in constant pain in my back especially. I am currently unable to exercise which would help with the back pain, as the SPD kicks in and leaves me unable to walk.

Being a keen blogger, I was overjoyed when my lovely blogger friend sent me a link from BritMums. Looking for pregnant people who suffer with back pain. I was even more excited after sending my story of current pains that I got accepted to try Deep Freeze Pain Relief Cold Patches.

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The same evening I received these, I tried one and the results were amazing. Instantly I felt a relief, normally my husband has to push the one point in my back that hurts, but the patches make the pain ease, so much that I could move around with no pain. I have had these on every evening since, and have found as mine is a small area of pain which is mainly on my right side, that for me it is easier to cut them in half.  The patch pictured below is an uncut patch, they certainly cover a generous area. The size of the patch is ideal to cover all of your lower back, if you are suffering in that area.

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The patches last about 3 hours, I have found this correct, but as mainly evenings I find 3 hours is enough. The main point with the patches is, the instant cold relief you get once a patch is applied. I have even gone and topped up with more as I was so impressed with this product.

Each pack comes with 4 patches, which you keep in a resealable pouch until use. After use, you discard of the patches. You can reapply another patch if needed, but no more than 4 patches should be used on the same area, one straight after the other. Deep Freeze Pain Relief Patches certainly have eased my back pain I was suffering with. The patches honestly do everything they state on the packaging.

Remember, new pregnancy symptoms should always be discussed with a Doctor or Midwife.

I’m working with BritMums and Deep Freeze Pain Relief Cold Patch, writing about pregnancy and muscular back pain. I was provided Deep Freeze Pain Relief Cold Patch and have been compensated for my time. All editorial and opinions are my own. Visit Deep Freeze for more information.



  1. August 11, 2015 / 10:35 am

    I’m so pleased they work for you as SPD is so painful, it’s great that Deep Freeze helps you get out and about and do things that normally SPD would stop you doing.

    • Stacey Spruels
      August 11, 2015 / 10:37 am

      Thank you, it stops you doing so much but the patches really help the back pain 🙂

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