Are You A Boy Or Are You A Girl? Book Review

Are You A Boy Or Are You A Girl 

By Sarah Savage & Fox Fisher


I was delighted to have been contacted by Sarah Savage, author of ‘Are You A Boy Or Are You A Girl?’ to provide a book review. This book has a positive message which comes across really well, which aims to break down the barriers of traditional gender stereotypes. The book is wrote by Sarah Savage, whilst Fox Fisher designed and illustrated this beautifully. The book is aimed for Preschool children to 7 years old.


Both Sarah and Fox both featured on Channel 4’s -My Transexual Summer. They started the project through Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign, and now today (22/07/15) the book has been launched and published by TQUAL.  Sarah is described as an inspiration to transgender people across the world, and is Co-Founder of Trans Pride Brighton. Whilst Fox has an MA in Design and Illustration and is Patron to Gendered Intelligence and Ambassador for All About Trans.

We received a digital copy of the book, and on first look the book is designed very well, each page is not too overwritten, and each page is illustrated very well and interesting for the reader. My 6 year old daughter was able to read most of the book herself with only a little bit of help, and throughly enjoyed the story and discussing the pages. She loved reading about the main character Tiny, and commented all the way through her thoughts.

book 2

Through out the book we discussed if the main character Tiny was a boy or girl. Josie mainly was leaning towards Tiny being a boy, only as the character has short hair. Being 6, she goes by boys have short hair and girls have long hair.  One time she didn’t swap her opinion is when Tiny was dressed as a Fairy, then a Superhero. She didn’t take notice this at all and stayed with a boy. Josie didn’t question when one of the characters Buster was horrible to Tiny calling the character ‘It’, she simply stated that was very rude how he said it, and it doesn’t matter if Tiny is a boy or girl.

book 1

During the book, Josie stated that boys can dress as fairies, and girls can play football. Which is nice to know she has an open mind on the subject. But then Josie is very similar to the character, she is very varied to what she is into, such as loves anything pink and glittery, but also loves Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and has the lunchbox. I was the same when young, I am very girly but also was heavily into watching WWF Wrestling. So i feel this has rubbed off on Josie not to be judgemental, which is what the book message shows, everyone is the same and it doesn’t matter if you are a boy or a girl. This was a very refreshing book to read and nice than the normal stereotypical types of princesses or superheroes.  We would throughly recommend this book.

When we finished the book, there is some questions to discuss with the reader, this was Josie’s answers (in Italic):

  • Do you think that Tiny is a boy or a girl? Boy
  • Does is matter if he is/she is/they are a girl or boy? Don’t matter
  • How are girls and boys different? Boys don’t have long hair but girls do
  • Do you think it is rude to ask if someone is a boy or girl? No, as long as they ask nicely not like Buster did
  • Should Tiny be allowed to play football and dress as a fairy? Yes because boys and girls can dress however they want and both play football
  • What would you say to Tiny if you met him/her/they? Hello Tiny
  • Would you play with Tiny? Yes because I like playing football too and then we can play something else together after

Another good thing the book provides is details in the back of certain charities, which is ideal for people who may wish to know more.

Book Details: IBSN 9780993129500 -Published by TQUAL Books

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This review is all my own (and Josie’s) thoughts and we were given the story from the author to review.


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