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My husband enjoys a pamper session, mainly since meeting me and introducing him to the world of soft skin. He now looks after his skin and uses a facial wash every day and moisturiser. He also enjoys the odd facial and manicure, provided by myself. So when I was asked to review a range of natural men’s grooming products from Rehab London, he was more than happy to be my guinea pig.

Rehab London

On first thoughts the packaging is very modern and eye catching. I received a generous selection of products for him to try, which included:

Argon Oil Shaving Gel – The Argan oil works to support regeneration of the skin, restart the vital functions of the cells and neutralise free radicals, all while providing a protective layer to lubricate the razor

Calm Balm –Containing the healing and rejuvenating properties of Hawaiian water algae, it soothes skin, leaving it smooth and invigorated

Scrub Up Daily Detox –Will leave your skin looking like it’s spent a month being buffed and polished

Revive Survive –Visibly reduces the signs of skin fatigue and increases circulation leaving the skin rejuvenated and revitalised in just ten minutes

Shine Free –Normal to oily skin will be left refreshed, bright and perfectly hydrated while removing any excess oil

First Antony had to de-fuzz his face, so he applied the Argan Oil Shaving Gel, his first thoughts when applying the product, thinking it was going to pull as there is not much foam, but as he started shaving he was really surprised that there was no pulling at all. Normally he will clipper and have designer stubble as doesn’t like the razor pulling, but this has converted him to wet shave more often.  Antony said normally you hear the pulling sound as the razor pulls the hairs, but with the Shaving Gel you don’t hear the pulling. The product states that using it, you will have the smoothest, calmest shave you have ever had. The product certainly lives up to this statement.

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After shaving, Antony tried Calm Balm. This product is a post shave cream, which as one of the ingredients being cocoa butter this left the skin very smooth. Another ingredient is Rockweed Extract which calms the skin and removes any redness. Again the husband was very impressed, and the next day his work colleague noticed how smooth and refreshed his skin was looking. As this product was so moisturising, we decided to try the facial scrub and moisturiser the following morning.

First Antony used the Scrub Up Daily Detox, this product serves as a daily foaming gel and weekly scrub for daily use. Just using this once, you noticed straight away the skin was refreshed and visibly more radiant. This product is easy to apply and doesn’t take hardly any extra time out of his normal routine.

Next we tried Revive Survive Anti-Fatigue Cream, with this and all of the products you only need small amounts so these will last a while. The cream again left a noticeable difference visibly,  plus left an extreme softness to touch on the skin. This lasted all day.


Overall we were both impressed with the quality of the products, and Antony stated he would purchase the range again and would like to see what else they do. He is continuing to use these products daily. You can purchase the range online at The Fragrance Shop 

To find out more about Rehab London, please visit their website. You can also follow Rehab London on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Youtube.

I received these products free of charge for my honest view. All words are my own.


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