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1545092_608027332584069_1939769232_nRecently, I received a bottle of Smooth and Soothe Rescue Oil from Layhe & Co to Product Review. From being in contact with the company I received the Oil within a couple of days. I was looking forward to trying this out as suffer from eczema, but upon receipt I noticed you can’t use if pregnant (which I am 6 months) so I asked my Mum to try this out for me. My Mum suffers more than I do, so I was looking forward to seeing the results.

Formulated form a range of 10 oils, Smooth and Soothe Rescue Oil Blend is ideal for people suffering with Eczema, Psoriasis and Acne, also great for Aged Skin.

Oil 1

Above is the affected area before any Rescue Oil had been used. The skin was sore and broken, and extremely itchy.

oil 2

After a week of use, you could visibly see a difference from the first picture. The skin was healing, and also was no where near as itchy.

oil 3

After a 2 week trial, the results was astounding! The broken skin had cleared up, the itchiness had reduced dramatically. This has also made my Mum more comfortable as the affected area is no where near as noticeably sore. I was very impressed just seeing the results in such a small space of time. Also as you only need a couple of drops, the oil lasts a long time making the £8.75 very reasonable, plus worthwhile from seeing the oil really works.

oil 4

“I was very impressed with rescue oil, I have been using it for now three weeks on my eczema, which was really sore and itchy.  The itching has greatly reduced, I sometimes put it on three times a day though from how sore the eczema previously was.  I found the Rescue Oil to be soothing and the smelled lovely. I thought it would be greasy but it wasn’t at all, and I will definitely carry on using it”

oil 5

Smooth & Soothe Rescue Oil is available from Layhe & Co.  Please take a look at the rest of the Product Range using Natural Remedies, including Natural Head Lice Treatment.

You can also find Layhe & Co on Twitter and Facebook

These words are my own views (and my Mum) and the product was sent to be to be reviewed by Layhe & Co. 


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