Bellapierre Eye Shimmer

Eye shimmer

I originally received a Bellapierre Eye Shimmer in one of my subscription beauty boxes. The colour I received is called Whesek, which is a colour I would use for smokey eyes. I love eye shimmers for a glow to the eye, rather than using all Matt colours, shimmer metallic colours add a little sparkle at the same time. These shimmer powders are made from 100% Mica Powder and also 100% hypoallergenic so ideal for sensitive skin.

Previous eye shimmers I have used tend to be messy when applied to the eye, with excess powder making its way to your cheeks. But this powder doesn’t do that, you only need a little so this will last you for ages. I apply mine with a little flat brush, but you could use your finger or a cotton bud too. I also found unlike other shimmers, these don’t fade or crease.


I was so impressed with the quality, I since have also purchased Champagne and Snowflake. Together all of these colours compliment each other. I use Champagne for the base on my eyelid, then Whesek in the corners and build this up whilst blending, then Snowflake as a highlighter under my brow and the inner corners of my eye to brighten them.

You can also use these colours on their own. For a more day natural look I use Champagne on its own. There is a large range of colours and other cosmetic products which I have on my wish list to try. For the shimmer powders I fancy a shimmery green next so may purchase Forest to add some colour.

I have to say these are the best eye shimmers I have used to date.


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